Our progress: 2017-2020

Oranga Tamariki was established on 1 April 2017 and we have worked hard over the last three years alongside our iwi, Māori, and NGO partners to transform the way we do things. While we have a long journey ahead of us, the below measures provide a snapshot of the progress we have made to date.

Progress measure 2017 2020
Entries to care 2395 1334
Number of caregivers 3692 (61% family/whānau caregivers) 3556 (63% family/whānau caregivers)
Children living away from home who are with family/whānau or caregiver of same ethnicity 85% 89%
Proportion of family/whānau placements that have had no change to their caregiver in the quarter 86% 90%
Social workers 1351 1,752 (30% increase, net gain of 401 social workers)
Social worker caseload 1:31 individual children 1:21 individual children
Funding for social services in multi-year contracts 30% Around 90%
Funding iwi and Māori providers $54M $89M
Transition service No service 740 young people with a transitions worker
Intensive response No service Small start-ups support 340 families across NZ plus four collaborative design sites to go live in 2021
Care Standards No national standards Care standards regulations in place with a continued work programme to fully implement
Young people in youth justice custody 187  96 (incl. 17 year olds since 1 July 2019)
Relationship agreements with iwi and Māori 6 Strategic Partnership Agreements (4 iwi, one iwi alliance plus Māori Women’s Welfare League); 7 MoUs; 2 social accords; 1 Relationship Agreement
Section 7AA None Came into force on 1 July 2019
Children’s Experience Survey None Gathering insights from a child’s perspective
Staff turnover 14% 6% (SSC average 11.8% in 2019)

Published: September 7, 2021