Pae Whakatupuranga I FFT-CG

Published: March 9, 2021

In this formative evaluation the primary question is How well does Pae Whakatupuranga I FFT-CG (Functional Family Therapy -- Cross Generations) accommodate the cultural worldviews of Te Ao Māori and Tafa o le Pasefika?


This programme is an adaptation of Functional Family Therapy (FFT), which integrates Māori and Pacific frameworks with the Western FFT therapeutic model. 

Oranga Tamariki has partnered with the New Zealand Police, Department of Corrections, Youth Horizons Trust (the provider) and the developers of FFT to design and deliver the pilot programme.

The Family Centre Social Policy Research Unit (FCSPRU) is undertaking a multi-year evaluation of Pae Whakatupuranga I FFT-CG. This evaluation has three overall high-level objectives:

  • To assess how well Pae Whakatupuranga I FFT-CG is being implemented, including its cultural appropriateness in the Aotearoa/New Zealand context, and identify any areas for improvement
  • To understand the service’s early effect on the wellbeing of young people and their whānau
  • To identify key requirements for implementing the service well in other locations (if it is deemed effective).

Key findings

  • Overall, Pae Whakatupuranga I FFT-CG has accommodated the cultural worldview of Te Ao Māori effectively. This worldview is expressed in Pae Whakatupuranga I FFT-CG through Whaitake Whakaoranga Whānau, a framework for understanding and employing Māori worldviews in therapeutic contexts.
  • A good start has been made in accommodating the cultural worldview of Pasifika peoples. This is expressed through the Uputāua Pan-Pacific Cultural Framework (Uputāua), a guide to the cultural protocols and practices that are significant in the lives of Pacific people in Aotearoa.
  • The process of engaging with families is taking longer than expected and the number of families entering and completing the programme is lower than anticipated.

Key recommendations are to:

  • Put in place mechanisms for embedding Uputāua in Pae Whakatupuranga I FFT-CG as fully as Whaitake Whakaoranga Whānau is.
  • Improve the information provided to families about the programme to maximise their engagement with it, and the referral information provided to therapists about families’ cultural backgrounds.
  • Strengthen the recruitment of staff who are firmly grounded in Māori and/or Pasifika cultural knowledge.
  • Improve the data collection systems to make it easier to track families’ progress through, and level of cultural satisfaction with, Pae Whakatupuranga I FFT-CG.

Next steps

  • We will report on outcomes in the next wave of the evaluation, which is scheduled for completion in early 2021.