Disability strategy workshops and interviews

Find out more about participating in a workshop or interview to help create a future Oranga Tamariki disability strategy.

You can share your thoughts on a future Oranga Tamariki disability strategy in a number of ways, including by attending an online group workshop, or one-on-one interview.  

Visit the webpage below to see what other options might work well for you. 

Supporting oranga for disabled people | Oranga Tamariki — Ministry for Children

Progress on our disability strategy vision development

Thank you for your interest in the disability kaupapa and the Oranga Tamariki Disability Strategy. We have developed the vision and strategy in 2 phases. Phase 1 involved developing a Vision Statement for the Disability Strategy which was done in partnership with disabled people, their champions, tāngata whaikaha Māori and care experienced rangatahi.

The Vision is:

'The mana of tāngata whaikaha me o ratou toa (disabled people and their champions) is enhanced by meeting their needs, upholding their rights and supporting their hopes and dreams.' 

To achieve this Vision, we have identified 4 Shifts that need to occur: 

  1. How we see disability. 
  2. Systems work for people. 
  3. Disability competent and confident workforce. 
  4. Oranga Tamariki is safe and proactive. 

During the engagement we also heard some ideas on how to achieve these shifts.  

There is more detail on the Vision, the Oranga Tamariki working definition of disability, the 4 Shifts and the activities to achieve those shifts here:

Disability strategy research and insight summaries

Developing the Disability Strategy

We are now working on phase 2 of the Disability Strategy. In this phase we want to hear from you on how to achieve this vision. Phase 1 people suggested some actions we should do. We have summarised their ideas under each Shift. We now want to hear your ideas, insights and feedback on those actions and which actions would have the biggest impact.

You can have your say by attending a workshop, having an individual interview, or sending a written, audio or video submission. Information on the different ways to participate are below or you can email disability.strategy@ot.govt.nz.

Group workshops

Each workshop will focus on 1 of the 4 Shifts. They will be about 1 hour long and have space for up to 20 people.  

The format for each hui might change depending on who is hosting, but at most hui you will:  

  • have an opportunity to introduce yourself   
  • hear self-introductions from other attendees  
  • look at the shift summary together
  • discuss how we will achieve the shift.

You can attend more than one hui if you want for whichever shifts interest you.

Options for workshop times are below.

Individual interviews

Each one-on-one interview is about 40 to 60 minutes long. We can host up to 50 individual interviews before 12 June 2023.

You can choose to be interviewed by phone or in an online meeting.  

You might choose to focus on different topics during your interview, but at most interviews you will: 

  • be introduced to the interviewer and have an opportunity to ask questions  
  • answer questions about the shift summaries. 

Individual interviews will be hosted by kaimahi from the Oranga Tamariki disability strategy team.

You can request an individual interview by emailing Disability.Strategy@ot.govt.nz with your details. Please include your full name and contact details. 

A disability strategy team member will get in touch to enquire about a time that would work for you. 

Individual submission

You can share your thoughts on a future Oranga Tamariki disability strategy in several ways, including by making an individual submission in writing or by audio or video recording.

To make an individual submission, please read over the below information and then access our individual submission form [WORD, 60 KB] . You can then share your thinking with us in your preferred format, whether that be filling in the text boxes in the individual submission form or recording your feedback via video or an audio file.

Please email your submission to us at: Disability.strategy@ot.govt.nz

Alternate formats of individual submission form:
How to make Individual Submissions (Large Print) [WORD, 101 KB]
How to make Individual Submissions (New Zealand Sign Language) - video

Sign up for a workshop

Choose which workshop(s) you would like to attend below.

Email Disability.Strategy@ot.govt.nz with your choice of time and date, and the team will send you further meeting information.

We can host up to 20 people at each workshop, so if your first choice isn’t available we will work with you to find another option. 

Community/lived experience of Oranga Tamariki hui

These workshops are for disabled people, caregivers and whānau who want to help create an Oranga Tamariki disability strategy. This includes disabled caregiving whānau and disabled parents. 

Shift 1:

  • Tuesday 6 June 1pm–2pm
  • Thursday 8 June 10am-11am
  • Tuesday 13 June 2pm–3pm

Shift 2:

  • Wednesday 7 June 10am-11am
  • Thursday 8 June 1pm-2pm
  • Monday 12 June 3pm-4pm

Shift 3:

  • Friday 2 June 1pm-2pm
  • Monday 12 June 2pm-3pm
  • Tuesday 13 June 10am-11am

Shift 4:

  • Thursday 1 June 3pm-4pm
  • Friday 9 June 1pm-2pm
  • Monday 12 June 11am–12pm

Disability and children’s sector kaimahi

These workshops are for disability and children’s sector kaimahi.

Shift 1:

  • Tuesday 30 May 1pm-2pm
  • Thursday 1 June 9:30am-10:30am
  • Tuesday 6 June 3pm-4pm

Shift 2:

  • Thursday 25 May 3:30pm-4:30pm
  • Monday 29 11am-12pm
  • Wednesday 31 May 2pm-3pm

Shift 3:

  • Thursday 25 May 9:30am-10:30am
  • Thursday 1 June 12pm-1pm
  • Friday 9 June  3pm-4pm

Shift 4:

  • Monday 29 May 1pm-2pm
  • Tuesday 6 June 10am-11am
  • Thursday 8 June 3:30pm-4:30pm

Published: June 1, 2023