How we get involved

How we support whānau

Where possible we try to keep families together. Taking children into care is a last resort. We are working more and more with iwi and communities to support at-risk children to stay with their parents. Use the tabs to find out how we do this. 

Supported adulthood

For the first time, we’re taking responsibility for young people in care right into adulthood.

The new Transition Support Service is designed to help the 600 eligible young people between 15 and 17 who leave care and custody every year. This service was developed with the help of young people. From the age of 15, young people who have been in care are supported by a transition worker who will help them plan for a positive future when they leave care. 

We're continuing to build the service as more young people become eligible for support. From July 2019, we've partnered with 44 community organisations to set the service up across New Zealand – as at February 2020, 43% of them are iwi or Māori organisations.

girl outisde on hill
Real-life example

Ashley contacted the Transition Support Line hoping to get support. She found it hard “becoming an adult” and was at rock bottom; struggling to secure employment, and without stable accommodation.

Ashley talked about dreams of becoming a steward with the Air Force. So, the Transition Support Line advisor referred her to a community agency to provide support and set personal goals.

Ashley was appreciative of the assistance and sent this email. “I just wanted to write this email to commend a customer service rep of yours by the name of Scott. I really appreciate the attentiveness, consistency and patience he showed whilst dealing with my needs in regard to transition support. This has been the first time out of the past 7 years I have received assistance that has been genuinely helpful and stress free. I would like to thank you once again for ensuring that I felt my needs were being heard and taken care of.”

More detail about our Transitions Support Service