State of Care Report

The Ministry for Vulnerable Children, Oranga Tamariki welcomed the report of the Children's Commissioner assessing the state of care in secure residences. We share the same goals and the issues highlighted are well understood.

Published on
24 May 2017
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Treating young people well

Care in our secure residences showed improved ratings in a number of areas, according to the Office of the Children’s Commissioner. It found our staff are doing a good job of looking after the daily needs of most children and young people, and on the whole young people are treated well.

While there are areas for improvement the State of Care report also highlighted a number of things that are working well.

These include advances in adopting therapeutic practice models, increasing training and staff supervision, treatment of children and young people and surroundings.

Commissioner’s ratings

Using a five-point international review scale which rates detention systems,  the predominantly green and yellow ratings (‘well placed’ and ‘developing’) showed the residences visited generally met requirements (pages 16-17 of report). Children and young people are usually treated well and staff are committed to upholding their rights.

They eat well, participate in a range of sporting, leisure, and cultural activities, have reasonable access to family and whānau, have good access to medical services, and generally understand the complaints system.

“There is a solid foundation in place upon which to build future improvements,” the Commissioner said.