Official Information Act

OIA responses

Responses to selected Official Information Act (OIA) requests received by the Ministry are published here.

These responses provide information released under the provisions of the OIA and indicate if information is withheld and why.

Date Details of the request Download/View
3 Apr 2019

Adoption statistics for 2018 financial year

OIA Response (PDF 346KB)
10 Jan 2019

Statistics on International Surrogacy

OIA Response (PDF 380KB)
14 Nov 2018

Statistics on adoptions via surrogacy

OIA Response (PDF 376KB)
21 Sept 2018

Information about children achieving permanency (guardianship) and exiting care to guardianship or adoption

OIA Response (PDF 620KB)
30 Aug 2018

Information and statistics about adoption in New Zealand

OIA Response (PDF 552KB)
31 Jul 2018

Information about the legal processes involved in securing a home for life

OIA Response (PDF 488KB)
4 Jul 2018

National statistics on the number of children adopted and the number of prospective adopters approved for domestic adoption 

OIA Response (PDF 468KB)
14 Jun 2018

Number of children in Home for Life and number of children who have achieved home for life

OIA Response (PDF 256KB)
12 Oct 2017

Data on domestic and inter-country adoptions 

OIA Response (PDF 16MB)