Official Information Act

OIA responses

Responses to selected Official Information Act (OIA) requests received by the Ministry are published here.

These responses provide information released under the provisions of the OIA and indicate if information is withheld and why.

Date Details of the request Download/View
23 Dec 2019 Substantiated findings of abuse by the gender of the offender for each of the years since 2004 OIA Response (PDF 1.49MB)
14 Nov 2019 Substantiated findings of abuse against children 2000 - 2019 OIA Response (PDF 3.84MB)
25 July 2019 Information on the number of Maori children who have been uplifted, and how many were placed with hapu/iwi/non-Maori whanau OIA Response (PDF 695KB)
25 July 2019 The total number of children uplifted between 1 Jan 2013 to 18 June 2019 and in care, and information on cultural competency training and processes around uplifting a child OIA Response (PDF 504KB)
22 July 2019 Number of children and young people uplifted in 2000-2019 broken down by age and region and the number returned to their parents OIA Response (PDF 799KB)
22 July 2019 Statistics for babies being uplifted by ethnicity OIA Response (PDF 220KB)
19 July 2019 Processes and procedures around uplifts and how many children were uplifted in 2016-2018 OIA Response (PDF 603KB)
12 July 2019 Copies of current operating procedures on 'uplifts' and the number of children uplifted in the past 5 years OIA Response (PDF 432KB)
24 May 2019 Information on Oranga Tamariki investigation procedures   OIA Response (PDF 211KB)
24 May 2019 The number of reports of concern and uplifts in Tauranga, Manukau and the Hawke's Bay in 2015-2018 OIA Response (PDF 1.41MB)
24 May 2019 Data on reports of concern requiring further action and findings of abuse  OIA Response (PDF 238KB)
3 May 2019 Statistics and/or research on any correlation between leaving school early and youth offending OIA Response (PDF 216KB)
30 Apr 2019 Information on forced or underage marriage OIA Response (PDF 329KB)
30 Apr 2019 The number of reports of concern and investigations in Little Waihi OIA Response (PDF 514KB)
29 Apr 2019 Statistics relating to Pacific Island children  OIA Response (PDF 549KB)
10 Apr 2019 Statistics on Māori and non-Māori in care with disabilities and access to health services in care OIA Response (PDF 8.81MB)
2 Apr 2019 Statistics relating to investigations and uplifts as a result of unexplained injuries OIA Response (PDF 628KB)
26 Mar 2019 Information on children in care with whanau connections to gangs OIA Response (PDF 598KB)
26 Mar 2019 Information about 1974 investigation into Lake Alice Child and Adolescent Unit OIA Response (PDF 351KB)
25 Mar 2019 The number of girls in youth justice residences having babies or falling pregnant OIA Response (PDF 313KB)
14 Dec 2018 Statistics on Children in State Care OIA Response (PDF 677KB)
23 Nov 2018 Children in care receiving psychiatric treatment or medication OIA Response (PDF 487KB)
21 Nov 2018 Ethnicity of children in care OIA Response (PDF 730KB)
15 Nov 2018 Statistics on children in care, placement type and returns home OIA Response (PDF 2.67MB)
5 Nov 2018 Number of children in residences – Youth Justice and Care and Protection OIA Response (PDF 738KB)
5 Nov 2018 Funding for CBD medications for children in care OIA Response (PDF 331KB)
1 Nov 2018 Reports of Concern by Oranga Tamariki site OIA Response (PDF 1.50MB)
19 Oct 2018 Information about temporary accommodation placements for young people and the role of Resource Workers OIA Response (PDF 456KB)
19 Oct 2018 All uplifts of new-born infants according to section 78 of the Oranga Tamariki Act 1989, by region and ethnic group, F2017 and F2018 OIA Response (PDF 668KB)
18 Oct 2018 Youth offenders currently remanded in custody and their residences OIA Response (PDF 704KB)
18 Oct 2018 Number of youths remanded in YJ facilities and remand homes and number of available placements/beds. OIA Response (PDF 692KB)
17 Oct 2018 Māori Tamariki in the custody of the CE as at 30 June 2017 and 2018 broken down by region OIA Response (PDF 512KB)
16 Oct 2018 Statistics on children in care, out of home placements and approved caregivers OIA Response (PDF 768KB)
15 Oct 2018 Admissions to Care and Protection Residences by ethnicity FROM 1980-2013 OIA Response (PDF 564KB)
15 Oct 2018 Information about policies and programs in place to support children of incarcerated parents OIA Response (PDF 692KB)
8 Oct 2018 Statistics regarding Maori children in care OIA Response (PDF 3.06MB)
5 Oct 2018 Information about the number of children in care, caregivers and residences OIA Response (PDF 3.06MB)
5 Oct 2018 Information about children in care in Te Tai Tokerua region who have been charged or accused of offending. OIA Response (PDF 1.05MB)
4 Oct 2018 Information about community initiatives for youth at risk in the Porirua region OIA Response (PDF 2.61MB)
14 Sept 2018 Information about the number of children in care who have moved due to abuse allegations against caregivers OIA Response (PDF 0.98MB)
14 Sept 2018 Information about children harmed by Oranga Tamariki caregivers OIA Response (PDF 7.63MB)
12 Sept 2018 Information about supervised contact and the responsibility for paying the associated costs OIA Response (PDF 368KB)
4 Sept 2018 Statistics on gang affiliations in Youth Justice Residences and details of how we work with youth with antisocial associations OIA Response (PDF 460KB)
17 Aug 2018 Statistics and documents relating to youth justice residences, including number of children in YJ residence broken down by age and ethnicity, assaults in YJ residences and support available to youths OIA Response (PDF 1.30MB)
3 Aug 2018 Number of caregivers, number of children in care and allegations against caregivers OIA Response (PDF 8.05MB)
25 Jul 2018 Number of Youth Justice managers and coordinators OIA Response (PDF 360KB)
17 Jul 2018 Statistics on assaults in Youth Justice residences OIA Response (PDF 660KB)
3 Jul 2018 Number of Youths in Police Cells during 2016 and 2017 OIA Response (PDF 1.01MB)
3 May 2018 The number of children looking for foster families, the number of foster parents and change / trends in adoption rates OIA Response (PDF 248KB)
21 May 2018 Number of kids in care by age, care placement type (including Home for Life), length of placement. Number of staff employed and breakdown of role. Oranga Tamariki annual budget. OIA Response (PDF 687 KB)
1 May 2018 Substantiated findings of abuse for the financial years 2001-2017. Notifications requiring further action, notifications recieved. Number of findings where child abuse or neglect was not found. OIA Response (PDF 573KB)
12 Apr 2018  Information on cost of children in care and how many children this cost applies to and the number of children who entered care.  OIA Response (PDF 492KB)
12 Apr 2018  Number of children in care and whether they have been administered drugs. Information on drug administering protocols.  OIA Response (PDF 397KB)
6 Apr 2018 Children removed from parents with intellectual disability or children with intellectual disability who have be removed from parents. OIA Response (PDF 261KB)
3 Apr 2018 Number of children placed in gang affiliated homes and any internal policies about placement of children into homes with links to gangs OIA Response (PDF 180KB)
26 Mar 2018 Algorithmic profiling in OT OIA Response (PDF 526KB)
19 Mar 2018 The number of new born children taken into Government care in 2015, 2016 and 2017 financial year, and what cases were due to drug related concerns. The number of new born children taken into Government care on day of birth. The number of new born children taken into care in their first month with siblings already in care. OIA Response (PDF 643KB)
21 Jan 2018

Number of tamariki with a substantiated finding of abuse for Porirua Oranga Tamariki site from July 1 2016 to 30 June 2017

OIA Response (PDF 256KB)
24 Oct 2017

Numbers of children in care, by year, including their ethnicity

OIA Response (PDF 2.4MB)
11 Sep 2017 Data about children in care in the Hauraki region  OIA Response (PDF 1.4MB)
3 Jun 2017 Information on alternate overnight accommodation for children in care and supervision in those situation OIA Response (PDF 1.4MB)
13 May 2017 Data relating to incarceration of children following interventions from CYF and time in youth justice residences OIA Response (PDF 2.4MB)