Official Information Act

OIA responses

Responses to selected Official Information Act (OIA) requests received by the Ministry are published here.

These responses provide information released under the provisions of the OIA and indicate if information is withheld and why.

Date Details of the request Download/View
9 Aug 2019 List of all organisations contracted by Oranga Tamariki to deliver social services on its behalf, including the type of service and value of the contract OIA Response (PDF 1.30MB)
31 May 2019 Requesting the amount of funding paid to VOYCE in 2016-2019, what the agreed deliverables of VOYCE and how are these evaluated OIA Response (PDF 240KB)
31 May 2019 Details of any payments made to social media influencers OIA Response (PDF 176KB)
17 May 2019 Average costs of a child being in care per annum OIA Response (PDF 696KB)
29 Mar 2019 The average cost of responding to OIA requests OIA Response (PDF 420KB)
26 Mar 2019 How much was spent on furniture for 2017 and 2018 and the most expensive item OIA Response (PDF 200KB)
20 Mar 2019 The cost of beds in Youth Justice and Care & Protection residences per annum OIA Response (PDF 484KB)
18 Mar 2019 Spending on furniture over last five years OIA Response (PDF 225KB)
8 Mar 2019 Personal grievance payments for 2018 OIA Response (PDF 435KB)
6 Mar 2019 Total Budget allocation for new youth justice remand homes OIA Response (PDF 394KB)
20 Feb 2019 Lawyers salaries OIA Response (PDF 477KB)
19 Feb 2019 Spending on advertising OIA Response (PDF 406KB)
3 Dec 2018 Information about Koru club membership OIA Response (PDF 285KB)
5 Oct 2018 Information about hold music OIA Response (PDF 636KB)
1 Oct 2018 Information about the costs associated with supervised contact and who pays these OIA Response (PDF 636KB)
22 May 2018 Has Oranga Tamariki purchased any services from lobbying firms Hawker Britton or Barton Deakin over the last five years? If so how much has Oranga Tamariki spent? OIA Response (PDF 188KB)
17 May 2018 Refusal of Annual Report financial years 2016/17 and 2017/18 OIA Response (PDF 210KB)
27 Mar 2018 Payment terms of the Ministry OIA Response (PDF 132KB)
27 Feb 2018 Funding of KidsCan Funding of kidscan (PDF 270KB) Kidscan documents (PDF 5.7MB)
26 Feb 2018 Breakdown of budget and staff at Oranga Tamariki compared to CYF OIA Response (PDF 920KB)
21 Jan 2018 Costs associated with Ministry's name change OIA Response (PDF 1.9MB)
10 Oct 2017 Spending by the Ministry on taxis or ride sharing apps  OIA Response (PDF 439KB