Official Information Act

OIA responses

Responses to selected Official Information Act (OIA) requests received by the Ministry are published here.

These responses provide information released under the provisions of the OIA and indicate if information is withheld and why.

Date Details of the request Download/View
16 May 2019

Any relevant information on how special guardianship orders are performing since the implementation of s113A and 113B

OIA Response (PDF 195KB)

29 Mar 2019

Information about what is required for a section 132 report

OIA Response (PDF 201KB)

18 Mar 2019

Information about climate change

OIA Response (PDF 243KB)

7 Feb  2019

Oranga Tamariki strategy on Diversity and Inclusion

OIA Response (PDF 949KB)

17 Dec 2018

Donations and gifts received by Oranga Tamariki

OIA Response (PDF 206KB)

11 Dec 2018

Research into child sexual abuse in New Zealand

OIA Response (PDF 469KB)

26 Nov 2018

Policies relating to unborn babies

OIA Response (PDF 649KB)

29 Nov 2018

State Services Commission Inquiry into the Use of External Security Consultants

OIA Response (PDF 372KB)

19 Sept 2018

Oranga Tamariki involvement in consultation on the BDMRR Bill

OIA Response (PDF 432MB)

12 Sept 2018

Oranga Tamariki input into the Births, Deaths, Marriages and Relationships Registration Bill

OIA Response (PDF 428MB)

28 Aug 2018

Statistics on reports of concern and family violence referrals and information about our joint protocol with NZ Police

OIA Response (PDF 1.15MB)

Appendix One (PDF 92KB)

17 Aug 2018

Information about the contracts between Oranga Tamariki and contracted care services

OIA Response (PDF 596KB)
27 Jul 2018 Insights - Voices of Children, Caregivers, Social Workers and Parents OIA Response (PDF 10.9MB)
27 Jul 2018

Statistics on the number of times Judge Black has asked for the CE to be notified of court minutes

OIA Response (PDF 236KB)
15 Jul 2018 Information about Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) OIA Response (PDF 144KB)
11 Jul 2018

Information about the relationship between Oranga Tamariki and the Gloriavale Christian Community

OIA Response (PDF 192KB)
10 Jul 2018 Information relating to Evidential Video Interviews involving Oranga Tamariki OIA Response (PDF 364KB)
04 Jul 2018

Information and statistics about section 132 reports across New Zealand for 2017 and 2018

OIA Response (PDF 1.67KB)
03 Jul 2018 Memorandums and Briefings relating to youths in police cells OIA Response (PDF 12.7MB)
27 Jun 2018

Request for a copy of the submission made by Oranga Tamariki to the Royal Commission on Historical Abuse in State Care regarding its Terms of Reference

OIA Response (PDF 416KB) 
16 Oct 2017 Enhancing Intake Decision-Making Trial Report OIA Response (PDF 9.9MB)
26 Jul 2017 Documents relating to the 'Social Investment Approach' OIA Response (PDF 4.4MB)
04 Jul 2017 Copies of the eight documents tabled in the Expert Advisory Panel Final Report OIA Response (PDF 1.4MB)
23 Jun 2017

Report: Building on Strengths: Evaluating current support systems for kinship care in New Zealand - An exploratory study

OIA Response (PDF 2.4MB)