Our corporate accountability documents: Annual Reports, CE expenses, BIM, plus links to research, performance reports, statistics and other publications.

Corporate documents: Annual Report, Statement of Intent, CE Expenses, BIM, Transparency statement

Annual Reports

Our Annual Reports outline our financial and non-financial performance each financial year.

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Statement of intent

Our Statement of Intent outlines our business for the next four years

View our Statement of Intent (PDF 4.6MB)


Briefing to Income Minister (BIM)

This briefing sets out the core roles of the Ministry, and identifies decisions that will be required from the Minister of Children Hon. Tracey Martin over the next few months.

View the BIM (PDF 3.8 MB)


CE Expenses

This information is provided once a year in response to the State Services Commissioner's disclosure regime for chief executive expenses, gifts and hospitality.

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Transparency statement

This transparency statement explains how we collect, use and share information gathered about individuals in relation to our statutory functions.

View the Transparency statement (PDF, 275KB)

Evidence Centre research reports

Our Evidence Centre publishes a number of research reports each year on a range of topics related to our priority areas.

Visit the Evidence Centre reports


Safety of Children in Care 

Read the Safety of Children in Care Report

Quarterly Reports

Read the latest quarterly report

Data about how we work with children

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Performance reports

Residence regulatory reviews

Every year we review and report on the care provided at Oranga Tamariki Youth Justice residences. The reports detail where we’re achieving a high standard, and more importantly, areas that should be improved.

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Cabinet papers

Care Standards

The National Care Standards clearly set out what children and young people can expect while they’re in care, and what caregivers can expect when they have children in their care.

Read the Care Standards cabinet papers 

Financial Assistance

Oranga Tamariki is carrying out a review of the financial assistance provided to caregivers.

Read the Financial assistance cabinet papers

Legislation Bill: Approval for Introduction

The purpose of this bill is to help Ministers to make decisions in relation to mixed/related charges for 17-year-olds

Read the Legislation Bill: Approval for Introduction

Implementation of the Oranga Tamariki operating model

The nine cabinet papers and associated minutes seek agreement to policy direction and implementation of the Oranga Tamariki operating model, which helped to inform Budget 2019 decisions.

Read the Operating Model cabinet papers

Amendments to the information sharing provisions

Cabinet agreed to amend and replace the information sharing provisions in the Oranga Tamariki Act 1989 with new and extended provisions to support child-centred information sharing practices across the child welfare and protection section.

Read the Information Sharing Provisions Cabinet paper and Cabinet minute

Enhancing the Wellbeing of Tamariki and Rangatahi Māori

The Cabinet paper and associated minute seek agreement to a two-stage process for how Oranga Tamariki will set measurable outcomes, and develop strategic partnerships with iwi and Māori organisations (including iwi authorities), to enhance the wellbeing of tamariki and rangatahi Māori.

Read the Enhancing the Wellbeing of Tamariki and Rangatahi Māori Cabinet paper and minute

A framework for Cabinet oversight of the implementation of the Oranga Tamariki operating model

As part of the Budget 19 funding agreement, Oranga Tamariki agreed to report back to Cabinet six-monthly on progress in implementing the new operating model. 

Read the framework for Cabinet oversight of the implementation of the Oranga Tamariki operating model 

Delegation and subdelegation

These documents contain information about the delegations and subdelegation of operational functions and powers under the Oranga Tamariki Act 1989. We provide this information on our public facing website in accordance with section 7F of this Act.


Operational delegations from the CE

This document identifies those operational functions and powers which have been delegated by the Chief Executive of Oranga Tamariki—Ministry for Children.

Operational Delegations from CE



This document identified those operational functions and powers which have been delegated to the Chief Executive of the Ministry of Social Development, who has then subdelegated. 

2018 Oranga Tamariki delegations gazetted


Turuki Health Care Charitable Trust

This document identifies those operational functions and powers which have been delegated to Turuki Health Care Charitable Trust. 

2019 Turuki Delegations Gazetted






Section 7AA Quality Assurance Standards

This document outlines the five quality assurance standards to ensure that we meet our obligations under section 7AA (2)(a) and (b) of the Oranga Tamariki Act 1989, and standard Treaty of Waitangi principles (applicable to all Crown agencies) in the development of policies, practices and services.

The standards will help to shift our work from a monocultural lens, to a Māori centred approach which in turn will improve the effectiveness of policies, practices and services for the majority of those impacted by the Ministry – tamariki Māori, their whānau, hapū and iwi.

Section 7AA Quality Assurance Standards