Research seminars
Research seminars

Evidence Centre Seminar: April 2019

Our April seminar featured two presentations; one presentation from the Oranga Tamariki Evidence Centre, discussing some recent welfare and tax policy studies that examine the link between income and child maltreatment, the other about children and young people's views on what makes a good life, from research conducted by Office of the Children's Commissioner (OCC) and Oranga Tamariki.

Published on
10 May 2019
How do welfare and tax settings affect children’s involvement with child protective services?

Supporting the wellbeing of children and young people: qualitative and quantitative studies

Catherine Harrow is an analyst within the Oranga Tamariki Evidence Centre. Catherine gave a brief overview of some recent experimental and quasi-experimental welfare and tax policy studies that have examined whether the link between income and child maltreatment is causal. This area has particular relevance for decision-makers who need to understand the potential costs or benefits of different welfare policy settings.

View the PowerPoint presentation (PPTX, 2.2MB)

What makes a good life? Children and young people's views on wellbeing

What makes a good life? Children and young people’s views on wellbeing.

Donna Provoost is the Director (Strategy, Rights and Advice) at the Office of the Children’s Commissioner, and Kiri Milne is General Manager, Voices of Children and Young People at Oranga Tamariki. Donna and Kiri discussed the report, ‘What makes a good life? Children and young people’s views on wellbeing’, which shares the views of over 6000 children and young people, including children and young people in care. It discusses what wellbeing means to children and young people, what helps and what gets in the way. The report was designed to inform the government’s Child and Youth Wellbeing Strategy, but it has wider implications for all professionals working with children and young people in both the government and non-government sector.

View the PowerPoint presentation (PPTX, 2.9MB)

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