Research seminars
Research seminars

Evidence Centre Seminar: December 2019

Our December seminar featured two presentations; one discussing Growing Up in New Zealand (GUiNZ) data and looking at protective factors for children at high risk of adverse experiences; the other sharing findings from a recent Youthline commissioned 'State of the Generation' survey.

Published on
24 Dec 2019

Protective Factors for Children at Highest Risk of Adverse Childhood Experiences

Matt Walsh is Senior Research Fellow with the Centre for Social Data Analytics (CSDA) at Auckland University of Technology. Matt discussed CSDA’s recent research using data from the Growing Up in New Zealand (GUiNZ) longitudinal study. He focussed on work that identifies protective factors for children at highest risk of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). Matt also talked about current work in collaboration with Oranga Tamariki focusing on ACEs and school readiness for children of teen mothers and characteristics of social services, health care services and early care and education that may mitigate the negative impacts of ACEs on early educational outcomes.

Supporting Young People in Aotearoa

Shae Ronald is the CEO at Youthline Auckland Charitable Trust. Youthline has been supporting people for over 49 years, with young people at its centre. Shae discussed what Youthline is experiencing working with over 35,000 young people throughout New Zealand last year. She also shared the findings of Colmar Brunton’s recent Youthline commissioned ‘State of the Generation’ research. This nationally representative survey is pivotal in understanding the position of youth in Aotearoa, key issues they are facing, help seeking behaviour, support structures and the role we all play in young people’s lives.

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