Research seminars
Research seminars

Evidence Centre Seminar: February 2020

Our February seminar featured two presentations from the Analytics and Insights team within the Evidence Centre. The first presentation is a health-related case study based on data from the Children’s Wellbeing Model. The second presentation explores the relationship between care and the youth justice system.

Published on
5 Mar 2020

A Health Case Study using the Children’s Wellbeing Model

Rosie Deutschle is manager of the Analytics and Insights team and was heavily involved in the development and implementation of the Children’s Wellbeing Model.

Bridget Browne is a partner and Abigail Marwick is a senior manager with EY Government & Public Sector team.

Bridget and Abigail co-led the development and implementation of the Children’s Wellbeing Model and have supported other social sector agencies with analysis projects seeking to better understand life course outcomes and service contact for key population groups.

In this presentation, Rosie, Bridget and Abigail provide an overview of how we are thinking about and measuring child wellbeing in New Zealand and discuss the Pilot Model for Health – an approach for quantifying the share of chronic disease in adult life that is attributable to poor childhood experiences.

Insights into the youth justice system

Dr. Duncan McCann and Sarah Richardson also work in the Analytics and Insights team.

Duncan has experience working with cross-agency data in the Stats NZ Integrated Data Infrastructure as well as internal youth justice data to help inform policy and strategy objectives.

Sarah has worked with youth justice statistics for more than nine years.

Duncan and Sarah’s presentation explores the relationship between care and youth justice, reoffending, and the decline in the rate and the seriousness of youth crime.

Our next seminar

Our next seminar scheduled for 17 April 2020 has been cancelled. We hope to resume the seminar series in June. To find out more, or if you would like to be included on our mailing list, please email