Research seminars
Research seminars

Evidence Centre Seminar: June 2019

Our June seminar featured two presentations looking at research on children's and young people's educational experiences.

Published on
5 Jul 2019

One presentation looks at quantitative research from the Integrated Data Infrastructure (IDI) on children's educational engagement, the other sharing insights from conversations with children and young people in care about their experiences in education.

The insights from both presentations have wider implications for policy and practice and provide a unique insight into children’s experiences of care and protection and education systems.

Educational Insights Into Children in Care - Dr. Duncan McCann

Dr. Duncan McCann works in the Analytics and Insights team within the Evidence Centre at Oranga Tamariki. Duncan discussed quantitative research from the IDI on children’s educational engagement and achievement for differing levels of care and protection experience.

Experiences of Education for Children in Care - Dr Karen Harris

Dr. Karen Harris is a Senior Advisor in the Voices of Children and Young People team at Oranga Tamariki. Karen discussed a project named ‘The Educational Experiences of Children in Care’ which provides insights from children and young people, caregivers, social workers, and educators relating to children’s experiences, achievements, engagements, and outcomes in education.

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