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Hamilton Childrens Team Assessment

Assessment of the establishment and early implementation of the Children's Action Plan in Hamilton. This evaluation took place between April and December 2015.

Research NZ Overview Report of the Children's Workforce Survey

This report provides an overview of the results of a survey of the children's workforce. It was completed between 19 November and 15 March for the Children's Action Plan Directorate.

Children's Action Plan Progress Report December 2015

This refreshed document reports on the work by government agencies, Children's Teams, NGOs, iwi and communities that give effect to the actions and activities of the Children's Action Plan 2012.

Children's Action Plan October 2012

The Children's Action Plan provides a framework for what action is being taken to protect children and when each milestone is to be achieved.

Community Response Forums

Community Response Forums are partnerships between government and the community, formed by people from communities, iwi, government agencies, and other funders including philanthropic organisations. There are 15 established Community Response forums across New Zealand.

Regional Boundary Maps

We’ve also made some changes to our regional boundaries. This will help us better align with our health, education and Police colleagues and to map to iwi boundaries as much as possible.

Safer Recruitment, Safer Children

Guidance for choosing safe people to work with children

Safer Organisations, Safer Children

Guidelines for child protection policies to build safer organisations

Care discussion sheet — Attachment types

This discussion sheet introduces caregivers to a number of types of attachment including secure, ambivalent, avoidant and disorganised attachment.

Care discussion sheet — Keeping kids safe

This discussion sheet offers practical ways to ensure a child's personal safety at home and what to do if a child discloses physical or sexual abuse.

Care discussion sheet — Life story books

This discussion sheet describes ways to create a life story book for a child or young person which can take many forms.

Care discussion sheet — Mokopuna disclosing abuse

This discussion sheet looks at how to support a child or young person when they talk about abuse and how to create a record of the information disclosed.

Care discussion sheet — Safe sleeping for babies

This discussion sheet explains Sudden Unexpected Death Infancy (SUDI), how it can be prevented and creating a safe sleep environment.

Care discussion sheet — Parenting styles

This discussion sheet looks at the different styles of parenting and gives tips for how to move to being a caregiver that operates in the 'backbone style'.

Care discussion sheet — Living or working with traumatised children

This discussion sheet helps caregivers respond to a child in care, using a trauma informed approach.

Care discussion sheet — Achieving independence

This discussion sheet looks at how to support young people in care to acquire the knowledge and life skills they need to transition successfully into adulthood.

Care discussion sheet — Coping with grief and loss

This discussion sheet looks at appropriate ways caregivers can respond to a child or young person's grief and loss.

Care discussion sheet — Custody and guardianship

This discussion sheet defines the rights and responsibilities of both guardianship and custody when a child or young person goes into care. It also looks at the different sorts of guardianship.

Care discussion sheet – Keeping you and your family safe

This discussion sheet helps to understand what types of situations you may find yourself in which might impact the safety of you and your family. It also identifies prevention strategies.

Care discussion sheet — Stages of brain development

This discussion sheet looks at the importance of children's early experiences in relation to how the brain develops.