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Keeping tamariki safe brochure

Some ideas about what you can do and where to go if you’re worried that something’s wrong.

Being in our care - what you can expect

Information for children and young people about what they can expect when they're in care.

Youth Justice and Family Group Conferences brochure

Information for young people on youth justice and family group conferences.

Ways you can care brochure

Information on becoming a carer, and the types of caregiving.

Care discussion sheet: Access/Contact

This discussion sheet looks at the importance of meaningful contact with family/whānau for children and young people in care.

Care discussion sheet - Impact on Caregiver Families

This discussion sheet provides information on the impact of caring on the whole family/whānau.

Care discussion sheet - Securing Permanency

This discussion sheet looks at securing of guardianship rights when caregivers decide
they want to provide a permanent living arrangement for a mokopuna in their care, and the support available to permanent caregivers.

Care discussion sheet - What is Maltreatment?

This discussion sheet provides the caregiver with information regarding what maltreatment of a child or young person can be, and the signs of abuse including emotional, physical, and sexual or neglect.

Family Start Brochure

Family start brochure

What Makes a Good Life?

Children and Young People's views on wellbeing

Annual Report 2017/18

Our Annual Reports outline our financial and non-financial performance each financial year. They are presented to the House of Representatives in accordance with the Public Finance Act 1989.

Safety of Children in Care - Quarter One 2018

Findings of harm related to children in care.

Safety of Children in Care - Quarter Two 2018

Findings of harm related to children in care.

Children’s Teams Evaluation Report

Outlines findings of an evaluation exploring the implementation and operation of three Children’s Teams

Young People Remanded into Youth Justice Residences

This report provides findings from an Oranga Tamariki Evidence Centre study on what drives remand recommendations made for young people in the youth justice system.

How do welfare and tax settings affect children’s involvement with child protective services?

This report outlines key findings from recent welfare and tax policy studies that have examined whether the link between income and child maltreatment is causal.

Young people's engagement in remand decisions

This report presents perspectives on young people’s participation and engagement in youth justice system in relation to remand decisions.

Remand Options Investigation Tool

This report summarises evaluation findings from a live prototyping of the Remand Options Investigation Tool (ROIT), designed to support youth justice professionals.

Access to Services Trial - Evaluation report

This report presents evaluation findings about the Access to Services trial, attached to the Gateway Assessment System, to better address the needs of tamariki and rangatahi in care.