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Longitudinal studies seminar - video transcript

(Susan Morton - the Principal Investigator of New Zealand’s contemporary longitudinal study of child development, Growing Up in New Zealand.)So, kia ora tatou. It's lovely to be here. Thank you for that introduction and I have 20 minutes to tell you all about growing up in New Zealand and some transition. So I'm known to be quite hyperactive so I hope you can keep up. And I'm really looking forward to hearing from Damian and having a chance to engage with you in the questio...


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Outcomes Framework

The Oranga Tamariki Outcomes Framework sets out the main services we provide, how we intend to provide them differently from the past, and how we will know we're making a difference for tamariki and whānau.It reflects the emerging operating model for Oranga Tamariki, which has been developed to meet new legislative requirements (in force since 1 July 2019) including ensuring that the policies, practices, and services of the department have regard to mana tamaiti (tamariki),...