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20190213 Statistics on number of deaths of children in care number of children entering into care

Financial help

Caregiver allowanceA care allowance is paid fortnightly and covers board, personal items and pocket money. We also provide a 4-weekly clothing allowance, and allowances for Christmas and birthday presents. The rates set out in the table below are effective from 1 April 2019.   Age of Child/Young Person Weekly Rate Weekly Pocket Money Birthday and Christmas Allowance (half the weekly board rate) 4 Weekly Clothing Rate 0 – 4 years $172.84 $2.10 $86.4...

20180412 Information on cost of children in care and how many children this cost applies to and the number of children who entered care

Safety of children in care full report

Children Families and the State Seminar Two

20181016 Statistics on children in care and placements

At a glance Experiences of Education for Children in Care