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20181211 Research into child sexual abuse in New Zealand2

Identify abuse

SOME OF THE SIGNSPhysical signs such as: Unexplained bruises, welts, cuts and abrasions Unexplained fractures or dislocations Burn marks Other signs: No clear explanation for any of the above Behavioural concerns such as emotional withdrawal, aggression or anxiety Developmental delays, changes or signs The child talking about or subtly mentioning things that may indicate abuse Parents seeming stressed or not coping on the money they have Drug or alcohol problems Parents not ha...

Harmful Sexual Behaviour early intervention and youth

20180501 Substantiated findings of abuse2

20190212 Statistics on notifications ROCs and abuse for 2018

20180131 Number of tamariki with substantiated finding of abuse

20180914 Allegations of abuse against children in care

20180412 The number of physical abuse or verbal abuse incidents at Oranga Tamariki sites to 28 Feb 2018