Page block types

There are a number of different types of page blocks you can use to display content when you put a page together

User Generated Form (UGF)

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Content block

Content blocks are generally straight text.

  • Don't be tempted to add an image to a content block (use the image block instead).
  • Make sure you create using web writing best practices (lots of headings, short paras, bullets, short sentences, front-load information).
  • Use the ALOT block for links, don't use in text links.
  • Use styles for headings.


Supporter summary


Map block

Table block

Progress measure 2017 2020
Entries to care 2395 1334
Number of caregivers 3692 (61% family/whānau caregivers) 3556 (63% family/whānau caregivers)
Children living away from home who are with family/whānau or caregiver of same ethnicity 85% 89%

Data block

Data block

More than

Funding for iwi providers in 2017 to 2020

We now fund Māori providers more than $89 million. This is an increase of $35M.

Box out

This is an example of an "Informative" box out block.

Image block

Teens basketball 3x5
Caption Image: Credit text

Image block with supporting content on the right.

Desktop image size settings (uncontrained).

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Video block

Video block


The Oranga Tamariki website must be accessible to all users. All videos must have captions and a full transcript, which is entered into this field.

Accordion block

intro accordion

Item 1 accordion block

Content item 1 accordion block

item 2 accordion block

item 2 accordion block content

supporting content accordion block

Published: May 17, 2021