We are dedicated to supporting any child in New Zealand whose wellbeing is at significant risk of harm now, or in the future. We also work with young people who may have offended, or are likely to offend.

Our belief is that in the right environment, with the right people surrounding and nurturing them, any child can, and should flourish.

COViD-19 our response

The safety and wellbeing of tamariki, their whānau and caregivers is our top priority, so we're taking a phased and co-ordinated approach to transitioning to Alert Level 2.

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COVID-19 information for caregivers

We'll be updating the COVID-19 information for caregivers regularly on our website and sending weekly updates to caregivers by email. If you're a caregiver and don't currently receive emails from us, please contact your caregiver social worker or call us on 0508 carers to update your contact details.

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COVID-19 information for partners

We will be updating this page regularly with the latest information you need to know and responses to the most common questions we've received.

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Gráinne's update - Budget 2020

Chief Executive Gráinne Moss talks about the Government’s Budget, and how it is putting money right where it’s needed.

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adopt nz mum child
Budget 2020 caregiver initiatives

Budget 2020 is investing additional funding to ensure caregivers have the support they need to care for children and young people during the pandemic recovery.

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Budget 2020

Budget 2020 directly helps those in our communities who keep rangatahi and tamariki safe and cared for.

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OT Budget 20 tile
Budget 2020 at a glance

This infographic shows what Budget 2020 means for tamariki and rangatahi in care, caregivers and Oranga Tamariki partners.

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Gráinne's update - Moving to Alert Level 2

Gráinne discusses our phased transition to Alert Level 2, and how we will 'play it safe' while we support tamariki, whānau and caregivers during this time.

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A still image from a video for Arana, showing a heart drawn in the sand at a beach
Videos continue whānau connection in lockdown

A couple is getting creative to ensure they stay connected to their niece, with COVID-19 restrictions having put plans for her to move into their care on hold.

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Ready-to-cook meal packs
Ingredients for positive change in Youth Justice

Young people in Youth Justice have been cooking for their whānau during the lockdown, thanks to a ready-to-cook delivery experience developed by social workers.

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Pilot therapeutic programme for young offenders and their families

This report evaluates a pilot programme aimed at breaking the intergenerational cycle of offending for young people and improving family wellbeing.

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Gráinne's update - Moving to Alert Level 3

Gráinne discusses how we will move down to COVID-19 Alert Level 3, and how we are continuing to respond to the needs of tamariki, rangatahi and their whānau.

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VOYCE - Whakarongo Mai: advocacy service for children in care


If you're a child or young person in care, VOYCE – Whakarongo Mai is an independent connection and advocacy service, separate from Oranga Tamariki—Ministry for Children, and we're here to listen to you, support you, and be on your side. Part of what we also do is organise fun and engaging events for kids with care experience so you can connect with each other.

VOYCE - Whakarongo Mai: advocacy service for children in care


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