We work together with families, whānau and the wider community to ensure children are in safe, stable and loving homes.

It's best that children or tamariki stay at home safely, and we will work with parents, whānau, hapū and iwi to prevent children and young people or rangatahi from coming into our care. When this is not possible, we look to caregivers who are family, whānau or non-kin to provide a safe, stable and loving home for as long as needed. Our preference is for the wider whānau, hapū, iwi or a family group to become the caregivers to the child if they are able to meet their needs. 

It’s also important that we have a team of non-kin caregivers or foster carers who can provide different types of care and meet a range of needs for children or tamariki. Could you offer a child your aroha and safety when they need it most? 

Published: March 21, 2017 · Updated: June 2, 2022