Gender pay gap action plan

This plan was developed in collaboration with the PSA and articulates our commitment to pay equity. It’s supported by data analysis.

Statement of progress on Gender Pay Gap Action Plan 2021

Oranga Tamariki has actively worked to make progress across the four focus areas of the Public Service Gender Pay Gap Action Plan 2018-20 (PDF), including the equal pay milestone which was completed in June 2021.

Oranga Tamariki’s Gender Pay Gap (GPG) has been significantly impacted in a positive way by the implementation of our new remuneration framework in October this year.  The framework was designed and developed to emphasise equity in our pay practices and remove bias in starting salary and progression decisions.  As part of this we have successfully addressed all identified gender pay gaps in like roles, put measures in place to ensure that gaps remain eliminated, and achieved a number of actions and milestones.

In November 2021, a GPG analysis was completed.  The outcome confirmed that we have made significant progress overall in addressing our GPG which is now sitting at -2.85%.   This percentage is based on Gap Mean and all data is analysed is based on full time equivalent (FTE) salary.

A draft GPG action plan has been developed and next steps are to present this to both Unions and Employees. It is expected that this will be done in January 2022 and the intention is to publish thereafter.

Published: July 15, 2020