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Care and Protection family group conferences

The Care and Protection Family Group Conference is a formal meeting where the whānau comes together with professionals to talk about the concerns we have for a child or young person, and come up with a plan.

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Just as every child is different, so is every family group conference. But what’s common is that everyone who attends is there to set aside any differences, and put the child's needs front and centre. 

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What is a family group conference?

Why we have an FGC, and how these can help your child and whanau.

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Getting ready for your family group conference (FGC)

The things you need to do to prepare for this important meeting.

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Discussing your strengths as a family

Every family has strengths, knowing them can be a major asset.

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Coming up with a plan

When you have a plan, it gives you something everyone can work towards.