Site structure and purpose

The Oranga Tamariki website is where we can explain to the public what we do, who we serve, who we work with and share stories, updates and research.

The site also provides:

  • our contact information
  • research and statistics
  • OIA responses
  • corporate documents
  • brochures and factsheets for our services

More in-depth information for practitioners about our practice, standards and policies can be found on the Practice Centre.

Information architecture

The sections on the website are organised by topics and are all linked to from the main menu:

  • About us (including research, reports and reviews, careers, news and a feedback form)
  • Youth Justice
  • Working with children
  • Support for families
  • Children in our care
  • Caregiving
  • Adoption
  • Worried about a child? Tell us

The 'Style Guide', 'Privacy policy' and 'Copyright' are other sections.


We define our audience groups as (and the sections of the website they are likely to visit):

Published: May 16, 2023