Help available for family violence and sexual violence in lockdown

Published: September 6, 2021

Help and support is available if you are experiencing family violence or sexual violence during COVID-19 lockdowns.

Stay safe in your bubble

If someone makes you fearful, threatens, harasses or hurts you, seek help as soon as possible.

Support services are still open.

You can leave your bubble if you’re worried about your safety.

If you or someone else is in danger, call Police on 111. If you can’t call for help, get out of the house and ask a neighbour or someone else to call 111.

The Silent Solution

If you or someone you know is in danger and it’s not safe to talk, Police have the Silent Solution – phone 111 and if you do not speak, you will get the option of pressing: 55.

You can then listen carefully to the call-taker’s questions and instructions so they can arrange assistance for you.

Support services

Support services are listed on

Or call, message, or email:

More info

For further information on the whole-of-government approach to family violence and sexual violence issues in a COVID-19 environment, including a fuller list of support services, see 

You can also find further information on the Government’s work on family violence and sexual violence at the Joint Venture, Family Violence and Sexual Violence website at Note: this is a general information website, and not a crisis response website.