Inside Out resource

Published: December 14, 2017

School can be a challenging environment for LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual, intersex) young people.

About inside Out

Inside Out is a set of video resources and teaching guides that aim to reduce bullying and increase understanding and empathy. It was funded by the former Community Investment team at the Ministry of Social Development and co-designed by Core Education, Rainbow Youth and Curative in partnership with young people.

An evaluation has found the resource does make a positive difference.

Evaluation findings

This freely-available resource has been overwhelmingly positively received by young people, educators and youth workers. The evaluation found that the resource is meeting a real need for information about sex and gender diversity in schools.

Inside Out has been designed to promote critical thinking and deep questioning about diversity, using a story-telling approach to foster empathy and understanding. The high quality look and feel helps with learning and educators appreciated the fit with the New Zealand curriculum.

If you’ve got a really supportive learning environment of people who are generally accepting…then it goes a lot farther.

Youth worker

Support for educators

Along with schools, the resource is used in community settings where whānau workers and youth workers engage with young people and their families.

Most teachers and youth workers need more professional development, ability and confidence to teach about issues relating to sex, gender and sexuality diversity. The evaluation found that this was a particularly challenging area for some educators, and required them to think deeply about their own experiences. However, educators also reported learning a lot from the resource, and said they were often surprised about the level of knowledge among their students.

Sexuality is one area where the facilitator needs to understand the issues and where their values, beliefs and understandings sit, and how that will inform how they relate to the topic.


Where to get the Inside Out resource

The resource is available in two versions: one for 11 and 12 year olds (school years 7–8) and another for young people from age 13.

Download the resource on the Inside Out website