Integrated Safety Response (ISR) evaluations

Published: October 25, 2019

The multi-agency evaluations of the Integrated Safety Response (ISR) show significant benefits for families and whānau.


The Integrated Safety Response (ISR) model, established in the Waikato and Christchurch in 2016, brings specialist Kaupapa Māori and family violence services together with dedicated staff from government agencies to work collectively with people, whānau and families impacted by, or using, violence. Using a whānau-centred approach ensures those impacted by violence are the focus.

Key findings

The evaluations confirm that ISR is making a difference in people’s lives by improving safety, reducing revictimisation for Māori whānau, and enabling access to support services.

These findings reinforce the importance of effective collaboration. They will inform ongoing work to create safe, consistent and effective responses to family violence in every community. Learning from what works will help to build an integrated approach that supports agencies to work together and improve workforce capability and capacity.