Youth Justice research

Published: April 13, 2018

The latest research on aspects of youth justice, from the Oranga Tamariki Evidence Centre.

Youth Inclusion Programme

The Youth Inclusion Programme report presents findings from a kaupapa Māori research project. It is aimed at understanding learnings from a suite of community-led programmes focused on prevention of youth offending.

These programmes fall under 2 banners, the ‘Oranga Rangatahi’ banner and the ‘Youth Inclusion Programmes’ (YIP) banner and there have been 17 of these programmes in Aotearoa New Zealand.

This report is based on in-depth case studies, that explore 3 of these programmes with the focus to understand needs in the communities, how these programmes are operating, successes and barriers, and outcomes for the rangatahi involved. The report discusses recommendations for policy and practice.

Youth inclusion programme report

Reoffending patterns following Police warnings

This report was produced at the request of NZ Police, following similar research that analysed reoffending patterns for participants of Alternative Action.

Reoffending patterns report

Evaluation of Whakapakapōkai Youth Justice Residence

This report provides evaluation insights into Whakatakapōkai Youth Justice Residence. It explores how the residence has embedded restorative care model Whakamana Tangata.

Whakamana Tangata is a tikanga and kaupapa Māori informed model. Tikanga and kaupapa Māori informed models are those that incorporate and centre Māori customs, values and philosophy.

Evaluation report