Evidence Centre seminar: October 2021

Published: November 25, 2021

This virtual seminar featured two presentations on aspects of Health Services and Children.

Medical Child Abuse

Dr Patrick Kelly, paediatrician and clinical director of the Starship child protection team, and Valmai Copeland, principal with the Evidence Centre, presented on child protection in a medical setting focusing on medical child abuse. The Oranga Tamariki Professional Practice Group commissioned a synthesis of international literature on medical child abuse which particularly considered best practice in social work when a child has experienced harm from medical child abuse (also known as factitious disorder or Munchausen’s syndrome by proxy). This rare disorder can have tragic impacts on the lives of those affected. Dr Kelly spoke from his broad practice experience and Valmai focused on the findings of this report.  

Seminar video

Silos and Systems

Sarah Williams, is a nurse consultant and educator at Starship Community Health. Sarah presented Silos and Systems: the relationship between primary schools and health services in New Zealand – the preliminary findIngs from her research which set out to answer the question: “What is the relationship between primary schools and health services in New Zealand, and how is this influenced”. Sarah’s talk is illustrated with examples from her years working in the community alongside school staff, tamariki and whānau.  

Seminar video 2