Tell us what you think

What you think, feel and say matters to us. We’d like to know how you are getting on in our care.

What you think matters – video


What you think matters, have your say - video transcript

(gentle keyboard music plays throughout)

(First child):

What you think matters.

(Second child):

What you feel matters.

(Third child):

What you say matters.


Tell us what you think. At Oranga Tamariki we’re trying to make things easier for you to have your say. We want to know what you think is great, and what’s not so great so we can make things better for you and for other kids.

(Second child):

Letting an adult know if something isn’t going well is really important. They can only help improve things if they know what's going on.


We get it. It can be really hard to talk about serious stuff to adults. Especially if adults are part of the problem. It’s important for you to know there is a safe way to have your say.

(Second child):

We promise to listen and to value your words. We won’t tell anyone who doesn’t need to know.

(Third child):

If you want you can ask an adult to help. There might be someone from your family, a friend, someone from Oranga Tamariki. Someone you trust.

(First child):

This person is called your advocate.

(Second child):

You might choose to tell your Aunty or your Uncle.


You might tell your Social Worker about something that is bugging you.

(Third child):

Your advocate can help you to write down your ideas or worries. They can go with you to meetings, stand by you, speak for you, if that’s what you want.

(Second child):

We’ll listen to you and together we’ll figure out what happens next.

(Third child):

It might not always be exactly what you want. If you're not happy we’ll work out something else we can do.

(First child):

What you think matters. It matters to Oranga Tamariki and it matters to other kids.

(Music volume increases and then fades out as Oranga Tamariki logo comes on the screen)

End of transcript.

Is everything OK?

You might want to share a good thing, or it could be something you’re worried about. It could be ideas to improve your care.

We promise to listen. When you tell us something, we will only tell the people who need to know and can help. We’ll ask you what would help make things better and try to make things as good as we can for you. 

How to tell us

You can do this by filling in our feedback form. Ask an adult if you want help to fill it in. This might be someone in your whānau, a friend, your social worker, a caregiver, a teacher, a friend or someone else you trust who can listen and help you tell us what you think.

Go to the Feedback form

You can also contact VOYCE – Whakarongo Mai, which is an advocacy service for children in care.

You can talk to VOYCE  by calling 0800 486 923 or visit their website

What happens when you tell us what you think?

infographic for children

Your safety

If you're worried about your safety and it’s an emergency, call 111.

Published: June 14, 2019 · Updated: July 7, 2020