Nominate rangatahi for the Prime Minister’s Oranga Tamariki Awards

Published: August 11, 2020

Nominations are open for the Prime Minister’s Oranga Tamariki Awards and close on Friday 4 September.

Anyone can nominate a young person who has come through care or youth justice. The process is simple, but we encourage you to start completing your nomination now.

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Connor’s Story – A trade apprentice star

At 18, Connor Bell had so much in front of him, and his journey to this point is nothing short of inspirational. With severe autism and ADHD, Connor’s mum admits he was a challenge. Despite all of this, Connor had a goal to be ‘normal’.

Last year Connor received the ‘Trade Star Award’ in the 2019 Prime Minister’s Oranga Tamariki Awards. The selection panel connected him with Team Cabling, who offered him an electrician apprenticeship. Becoming a “sparky” was his career dream opportunity.

Connor says his work is awesome and he’s receiving all the help he needs with the apprenticeship study.

"It’s amazing how this award and scholarship has made such a difference to my future, having been on Seven Sharp and receiving so much encouragement from so many people, it has helped me to continue to work hard and strive to reach all my goals”.

The scholarship money helped Connor buy his own set of tools and his first pay meant he could shout his family a restaurant dinner.

“Who would have thought an award could offer so much?!” Connor says.

Read and watch Connor's story on Seven Sharp.

Connor Bell

The delight of last year’s awards

Last year we recognised and celebrated 22 young people.

One of the award recipients, Reyana Wilson says “a chance can mean everything”.

When someone looks at us and says I think you can be something, I think you can do something – that’s major, she says. That’s giving us something we don’t necessarily have already and that means the world.”  

PM in the house

Rangatahi have the chance to meet the Prime Minister as part of the awards ceremony. Last year, as part of the experience Jacinda Ardern also spent time getting to know the young people and answering any questions they had.

The Prime Minister's Oranga Tamariki Awards 2020

Nominate a deserving young person for The Prime Minister's Oranga Tamariki Awards 2020


Prime Minister's Oranga Tamariki Awards 2020 nominations promotion – video transcript

(Music starts and plays in the background)

Olivia Ashby Cartwright (Social Worker):
The Prime Minister’s Oranga Tamariki Awards are an awesome experience.

Jacinda Ardern (Prime Minister):
And a great way to celebrate and lift up our rangatahi.

Mana Harding (Oranga Tamariki HR intern):
If you know a young person who’s in care, or has been in care.

Bakhtawar Sattha (Social Worker):
Who might be studying hard, has overcome adversity, has a vision, has dreams.

Jacinda Ardern:
Then nominate them now

Monisha Reddy (2019 Award recipient):
Selected rangatahi will be flown to Wellington for a big day out – to meet other like-minded young people and of course.

Mana Harding:
The big awards ceremony.

Jacinda Ardern:
Recognising Aotearoa’s rangatahi for being – awesome.

Saron Bekele (Team Administrator; Tamariki Advocate Voice of Children):
Nominations are open now, and they close on the 14th of September. Anyone can do it.

Olivia Ashby Cartwright:
So, go to the Oranga Tamariki website and find out how you can nominate someone deserving now.

Jacinda Ardern:
Thank you.

(Prime Minister’s Oranga Tamariki Awards logo comes on screen)

End of transcript.

A chance to change the course of a young person’s life

This is an excellent opportunity for community and organisations to champion incredible young people, their stories and their aspirations. The awards can springboard rangatahi and provide life-changing opportunities.

This year’s awards recognise those who are academic go-getters, creative or entrepreneurial, skills and technology focused (including the trades), community and service orientated, or interested in general leadership and personal growth.

Submit your nominations now

The process is simple - you'll just need to complete and submit a nomination form.

If a certain young person comes to mind, talk with them and their whānau and begin the process.

Not only is it special for the young person, it’s an incredible experience for the social worker or support worker as they are also invited to be a part of the celebrations.

He Kōtuku Rerenga Tahi – A once in a lifetime occasion! Put forward your young person before the nomination window closes on 4 September.

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