Engagement Survey with Partners Providing Social Services

Published: May 31, 2021

The 2020 survey results and the Oranga Tamariki response to findings.


Oranga Tamariki works with some 500 partner organisations who have contracts to deliver social services (partners). During November 2020, partners were surveyed about their relationship with Oranga Tamariki to better understand how we can strengthen these relationships. Just over 40% (214) of partners took part in the survey.

The engagement survey covered by this report captures the views of these partners in a structured and quantifiable way that can be tracked over time.

In addition to the online survey, eight iwi partners were interviewed for their feedback. This allowed iwi to provide feedback kanohi-ki-te-kanohi, with the intention of understanding themes; not trying to replicate the survey.

Key findings

Overall many partners were positive about engagement with Oranga Tamariki

  • Communication is generally rated positively, 7 in 10 found communication clear, and provided proactively and timely.
  • 6 in 10 partners are satisfied with their current interactions with Oranga Tamariki as a whole.
  • Partners reported that Oranga Tamariki is engaging and interacting the same (53%) or better (39%) than when it was established in 2017.

Communication during COVID 19 lockdown was praised.

Areas for improvement:

  • Inconsistency in the information received
  • Messaging that comes from National Office can be contradictory to local/regional office advice.
  • Amount of communication is overwhelming for some.


  • Partners overall feel more valued and supported by local/regional staff than by national office.
  • Iwi partners in the interviews said that they felt more supported by national office, who was seen as more accessible and responsive.

Partners appreciate staff who:

  • Have good understanding of the local situation.
  • Value and want to support the work that the partners do,
  • Who work in a way that is not contractual but a true partnership.

Expectations and funding

Oranga Tamariki is consistent and specific on what it expects of partners, but only 3 in 10 partners agree that the amount of funding is sufficient to meet their contractual obligations, including relevant overheads.