Brand colours

Our brand colours, how they're used on the website and the accessibililty considerations of using colour.

Primary colours

  • Black

    Text, footer

  • Blue


  • Blue on hover

    Links, buttons

Secondary colours

  • Yellow

    Buttons, blocks

  • Light green

    Buttons, blocks

  • Cyan

    Buttons, blocks

  • Grey


  • Light grey


Section colours

We use different Oranga Tamariki colours for each section.

  • Dark blue

    Support for families, Children in our care

  • Teal

    Working with children

  • Violet


  • Black

    Youth justice

  • Dark green


  • Orange

    About us



All colour use on the Oranga Tamariki website takes into consideration users who have visual impairments, and environments that affect their use such as bright sunlight or printing pages.

All use of colour on the Oranga Tamariki website adheres to the WCAG 2.1 Colour contrast criteria as per the New Zealand Government Web Standards.

NZ Government Web Standards

We use the Webaim colour contrast checker to ensure that the contrast between text colour and background meets these requirements.

Webaim colour contrast checker

Meaning and way finding

Colour is used to enhance the usability and design of the site, and is not relied on to communicate meaning. Links are underlined or displayed in panels or as buttons to specify that they are links - colour is not the only indicator.

Published: February 25, 2022