Pacific Strategy 2021-2024

Our strategic direction.

The Pacific Strategy was created using the voices of tamariki, rangatahi, whanau and diverse Pacific communities. It demonstrates a commitment by Oranga Tamariki to meeting the needs of Pacific tamaiti, ānau and kainga and helping them thrive within their cultural context.

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Our vision

All Pacific children are safe, loved and supported by loving families and connected to thriving communities in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Our roles

  • A high-performing, highly trusted statutory care and protection and youth justice agency that works in an integrated way with other agencies and communities.
  • An enabler of communities that empower them to put in place the support, the solutions, and the services they know will work for their people to prevent tamariki coming to our attention.

Strategic objectives

  1. Enabling Pacific Communities - We will be an enabler and co-ordinator for Pacific communities, to empower them to put in place the support, solutions and services for our tamaiti, ānau and kainga to thrive and prosper.
    “E fōfō e le alamea le alamea” – the solutions lie within our own communities.
  2. Quality Social Work Practice - All Pacific tamaiti, anau and kainga will receive high quality Social Work practice that enables them to flourish.
    “E Fofola e fala kae talanoa e kainga” – we roll out the mat as a safe space for issues and also solutions.
  3. Pacific Workforce - Clear career pathways and opportunities for Pacific staff to progress into key leadership and practice roles.
    “E moe puru koe noku” – You are my protector, peace, love, compassion, prosperity.
  4. Pacific Narratives, Evidence, Data and Insights - Pacific Narratives, Evidence, Data and Insights will inform practice, policies, and key projects to ensure we are meeting the outcomes for our tamaiti, ānau, kainga.
    “Aoao manogi mo le lolo” - Gathering of flowers to produce good products.
  5. Cross-Agency Collaboration – Cross-agency collaboration and investment in order for our Pacific tamaiti, ānau and kainga to thrive and prosper in Aotearoa New Zealand.
  6. “Ka aalo auloa e vaka, to holo hako moe  tonu, ati hoko mafiti ke he atu moana” – when everyone rows together, we will stay true and steadfast to the course and achieve our goals more efficiently and effectively.

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Published: July 11, 2024