Files and documents

Rules to make sure the files on our website are easily accessible and clearly presented.

File names

Name the file as you want it to appear on the web page. The Title (see below) should be the same as the file name. We don’t use underscores or ‘CamelCase’, instead we use spaces for filenames.


  • Family Start brochure.pdf
  • Annual Report 2018.pdf

File titles

We make sure the file ‘title’ (added in the meta data of the file in the CMS) makes sense; this name will be visible on the page where it’s linked. File type and size is automatically appended to the title.

For the ‘Title’, we use:

  • The title of the document
  • For a series, we use the title of the document, then the time period with the month and year in full (if month is relevant).

For example:

  • Family Start brochure
  • Annual Report 2018

File summary and tags

We add a summary to each file when it’s uploaded to the website. The summary is displayed if the file is added to a page file using an ‘ALOT’ block.

  • We make each summary a maximum of 160 characters
  • We make sure each summary is informative and descriptive and provides more information than what’s in the title
  • We check that the file summary makes sense in context with the other information on the page.

All files need to be tagged with the relevant topic, group, information type and publication type.

Published: February 25, 2022