Using lists

It’s easier to read a list if it’s broken into bullets, rather than using commas in a long sentence.

Single-sentence lists

We introduce a single-sentence list with a colon, use lowercase at the start of the bullet, and end the final bullet with a full-stop.


As your advocate, I will:

  • speak with you about your issue
  • help you to get the information you need
  • help you to express your views.

Multi-sentence lists

When the bullets are a complete sentence and one or several lines long, we use a capital letter at the beginning and a full-stop at the end of each bullet.


Other things for trusted adults to consider:

  • Be clear that information about the child will not be shared without their agreement, except in very specific circumstances.
  • Do not do anything the child does not want you to do, except where the law requires it.
  • Irrespective of who is providing advocacy to a child, it is crucial that everyone is clear about the boundaries of the role.

Published: February 25, 2022