How and when we use links, including links in text, links to downloads, templates and external sites.


We include the name of the page and the website it’s on.

We use less descriptive link text if linking to internal pages – we don’t need to include the name of the website, but we try to include the name of the page.


Find out more about Best Start on the IRD website

Read Minister Martin’s press release announcement on the Beehive website

Example – same website:

Find out more about placing your child for adoption

Email addresses

We use the full name of the address for the hyperlink text.



Phone numbers

We include the full number in the text. The CMS will automatically add a hyperlink.


Talk to us on 0508 326 459 if you're thinking about placing your child for adoption.

Linking to documents

When we add a link using the ALOT block, information about the file’s format and size will automatically be displayed so users know what they're clicking on.

When we link to files or downloads in text, we use the title of the document to create the link text.

If linking to a document on another website:

  • We usually link to the page it is on to provide the context.
  • If the page on the website has more than one download link, we can link directly to the file (include file type and size).

Published: April 9, 2021