Māori Women’s Welfare League partnership

Through our strategic partnership with the Māori Women’s Welfare League we aim to reduce the number of tamariki Māori who come into care.

Māori Women's Welfare League strategic partnership

Māori Women's Welfare League strategic partnership signing.


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Helmut Modlik, CEO Te Rūnanga o Toa Rangatira

Our aspirations can be summarised threefold really, one is enhancing the wellbeing, the prosperity, and the mana of our people.

That’s really the guts of what we’re trying to achieve.

Wirangi Luke, CEO Te Rūnanganui o Te Āti Awa

So joining up as iwi on a day like this is significant for us all, and I hope that it’s great for the rangatahi for the future.

We heard it today, with the waiata from Ngāti Toa, the korero from Taku Parai about what they lost, and how they’re bringing it together and being staunch, Te Āti Awa is the same.

So binding us together, with the hourua waka and joining the canoe together would be fantastic for us and for our families.

Helmut Modlik, CEO Te Rūnanga o Toa Rangatira

We’re excited to reconnect, and formally join together at a governance and executive – and then operating level – to ensure that everything we’re doing is aligned and aimed at achieving those exact same three goals, for not only Ngāti Toa and Te Āti Awa, but in fact for all of our community members that we have an interest in supporting their journey.

About our partnership

Our strategic partnership with Te Rōpū Wahine Māori Toko i te Ora – the Māori Women's Welfare League acknowledges the opportunity to strengthen our current relationship by working collectively to achieve enduring outcomes for tamariki, wāhine and whānau Māori. This partnership's unique strength is its central focus on wāhine, which then naturally extends out to tamariki and whānau.

This is the first strategic partnership agreement signed with a national Māori organisation.

Published: August 1, 2023